Unity 2022 version

A new version of Doodle Studio 95! is up, adding support for Unity version 2022 (tested on v2022.2.3f1).

Major updates include removing the DLL version, so the full source code is now available

Thank you for your patience!

Please back up your project and delete your old Doodle Studio 95! folder before importing this package. Existing animations from older versions will be upgraded automatically. If your animations don't load (with a "Missing (Mono Script)" error), select them in the Project window and use Tools > Doodle Studio 95 > Upgrade Selected Animations.

Additional changes include:

  • Vertical pattern mode
  • Alpha mask mode: Draw only inside existing strokes or only outside


DoodleStudio95_Unity_2022.unitypackage 8.7 MB
May 23, 2023

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Freaking YES!!! This is amazing. Super stoked to jump back into this. THANK YOU!!!

I am so happy to hear this - I was worried you had left the dev circles! Am thrilled beyond belief and now I'm off to tout this on all my socials! Glad you are back!

Thank you!